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States and territories of Australia: Quiz


Question 1:
What is New South Wales's nickname?
Fighting Presbies
''The Blue Toon
First State, Premier State

Question 2:
How many metres above sea level is Tasmania?
+1,614 m AHD

Question 3:
What timezone is Northern Territory in?

Question 4:
What is the highest point in Western Australia?

Question 5:
What is the capital of Norfolk Island?

Question 6:
What is South Australia's nickname?
Festival State
Iron Rakkasans
Desert Pirates

Question 7:
What is the full name of Australian Capital Territory?
Michael Mason
Jimmy Andrews
Mauricio Daniel Nanni Lima
Australian Capital Territory

Question 8:
What is Queensland's nickname?
The Sunshine State
Sunshine State, Smart State
Boris, Chuckie, Lloyd, Sunshine

Question 9: Tasmania is the only state to use ________ for elections to its lower house; all others elect members from single member constituencies, using preferential voting.
United StatesCyprusProportional representationD'Hondt method

Question 10: Each state has a bicameral ________ except Queensland, which abolished its upper house in 1922.
ParliamentBicameralismUnicameralismParliamentary system


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