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Stater: Quiz


Question 1: [2] Staters were also struck in some of the Mediterranean islands such as ________ and Kydonia.
Salamis IslandPorosAeginaHydra island

Question 2: The stater (________ στατήρ, literally 'weight') was an ancient coin of macedonian origin which circulated from the eighth century BC to 50 AD.
Attic GreekAncient GreekDoric GreekAeolic Greek

Question 3: For example, one silver coin struck in Kydonia was that of a stater featuring the Minoan goddess ________.
BritomartisHeraArtemisGreek mythology

Question 4: Original mintings of this coin such as practiced in ________ valued the stater at a tetradrachm (4 drachms), though issues at other places or times applied the word "stater" to a didrachm (2 drachm) coin.

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