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Question 1: In his list of marriages that occurred at Susa, ________ (c.
Alexander the GreatPlutarchHerodotusArrian

Question 2: Stateira II, possibly also known as Barsine, (died 323 BC) was the daughter of Stateira I and ________.
Achaemenid EmpireDarius III of PersiaAlexander the GreatWars of Alexander the Great

Question 3: Stateira may be depicted in a fresco found during the excavations at ________.

Question 4: In the 2004 film Alexander by ________, Stateira is portrayed by the French actress Annelise Hesme.
Scarface (1983 film)Oliver StoneJFK (film)W. (film)

Question 5: [7] According to ________'s account, Stateira's sister, Drypetis, was killed at the same time; Carney believes that Plutarch was mistaken, and it was actually Parysatis who died with Stateira.
DemosthenesPlatoAlexander the GreatPlutarch

Question 6: After her father's defeat at the ________, Stateira and her sisters became captives of Alexander of Macedon.
Battle of the GranicusBattle of IssusBattle of GaugamelaWars of Alexander the Great

Question 7: Stateira was the eldest daughter of ________ and his wife, also named Stateira.
Alexander the GreatWars of Alexander the GreatAchaemenid EmpireDarius III of Persia


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