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State university and college (Philippines): Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: ________
DoctoratePostgraduate educationWestern Visayas College of Science and TechnologyChancellor (education)

Question 3: ________
Davao Oriental State College of Science and TechnologyMindanao University of Science and TechnologyBukidnon State UniversityMisamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology

Question 4: Each Filipino family contributes ________ 1,185 a year to run these schools through their tax payments.
PHPJava (programming language)Python (programming language)Perl

Question 5: Polytechnic University of the Philippines with ________ as the flagship university.
P.U.P. College of Office Administration and Business Teacher EducationP.U.P. College of CooperativesPolytechnic University of the Philippines, ManilaP.U.P. College of Computer Management and Information Technology

Question 6: For the 2003-0204, SUCs only had PHP 16.8 billion, and about 40 percent of it went to the University of the Philippines and the ________.
Western Mindanao State UniversityMindanao State UniversitySurigao del Sur Polytechnic State CollegeCentral Mindanao University

Question 7: University of the Philippines System with ________ as the flagship university.
UP Fighting MaroonsUniversity of the Philippines Integrated SchoolUniversity of the Philippines DilimanUniversity of the Philippines College of Law

Question 8: Collectively, SUCs have a student population of approximately 865,000, which means that every student is subsidized by an average of ________ 24,000 per school year.
PHPPerlPython (programming language)Java (programming language)

Question 9: [1] However, in 2008, the Philippine Congress alloted ________ 20.8 billion in subsidy for the operations of state universities and colleges.
Python (programming language)PerlJava (programming language)PHP

Question 10: main campus in ________, La Union is better called DMMMSU-North La Union Main than simply DMMMSU.
Bacnotan, La UnionAringay, La UnionSan Juan, La UnionBalaoan, La Union


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