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State terrorism: Quiz


Question 1: Like the ________ and that of state-sponsored terrorism, the definition of state terrorism remains controversial and without international consensus.
History of terrorismAnti-terrorism legislationCounter-terrorismDefinition of terrorism

Question 2: So far without success, the ________ has attempted to create an international legal definition of terrorism that excludes state terrorism.
Israel, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited NationsUnited Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 3: [2] The original general meaning of terrorism was of terrorism by the state, as reflected in the 1798 supplement of the Dictionnaire of the ________, which described terrorism as systeme, regime de la terreur.
Académie françaiseFranceNapoleon ICharles de Gaulle

Question 4: State terrorism refers to acts of ________ conducted by governments.
Pakistan and state terrorismAl-QaedaIslamic terrorismTerrorism

Question 5: [11] In that same year, ________ famously decried the "thousands of those hell-hounds called terrorists" who he believed threatened Europe.
Adam SmithEdmund BurkeJames BoswellSamuel Johnson

Question 6: [8] Stohl clarifies, however, that "[n]ot all acts of state ________ are terrorism.
FranceRussiaViolenceWorld War II

Question 7: For example, ________ wrote critically of terror employed by tyrants against their subjects.
Bertrand RussellPlatoEmpiricismAristotle

Question 8: [10] The earliest use of the word terrorism identified by the Oxford English Dictionary is a 1795 reference to tyrannical state behavior, the "reign of terrorism" in ________.
ItalyFranceUnited KingdomCanada

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