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Question 1: Depending on what they understood ________ to be and the natural rights they thought human beings had in that state, various writers were able to justify more or less extensive forms of the state as a remedy for the problems of the state of nature.
Human natureMindPhilosophyGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 2: Early modern defenders of absolutism such as ________ and Jean Bodin undermined the doctrine of the divine right of kings by arguing that the power of kings should be justified by reference to the people.
Immanuel KantPlatoThomas HobbesGottfried Leibniz

Question 3: A similar association of terms can today be seen in the practice of referring to government ________ as having authority, for example "The White House today released a press statement...".
Living roomKitchenBuildingBasement

Question 4: The modern state is both separate from and connected to ________.
Executive (government)Civil societyBureaucracyLaw

Question 5: ________, for example, believed that under communism the state would eventually "wither away."
MarxismJeremy BenthamSocialismKarl Marx

Question 6: Scholars working in the broad Weberian tradition, by contrast, have often emphasized the institution-building effects of ________.
Aerial warfareMilitary historyMilitary strategyWar

Question 7: The ________ identifies only one aspect of the state, namely, the way in which the highest political offices are filled and their relationship to each other and to society.
Form of governmentRepublicDemocracyMonarchy

Question 8: Lockean state of nature reasoning, by contrast, is more common in the libertarian tradition of political thought represented by the work of ________.
LibertarianismImmanuel KantJohn LockeRobert Nozick

Question 9: Beginning in the ________, this centralizing process gives rise to the absolutist state.
15th century16th century14th century11th century

Question 10: Today, most Western states more or less fit the influential definition of the state in ________'s Politics as a Vocation.
Austrian SchoolSocialismKarl MarxMax Weber


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