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Question 1:
Startup company, Corporation and Limited liability company are all:
Types of companies NPOV disputes from March 2008 Private equity Dot-com

Question 2: Startupers is a term used in the ________ industry to describe people involved in the creation of high tech startups.
ComputerLinuxComputer softwareJava (programming language)

Question 3: That is, they have lower bootstrapping costs, higher risk, and higher potential ________.
Rate of returnFinancial ratioFundamental analysisEfficient-market hypothesis

Question 4: A company may cease to be a startup as it passes various milestones, such as becoming profitable, or becoming publicly traded in an ________, or ceasing to exist as an independent entity via a merger or acquisition.
Initial public offeringStockBond (finance)Investment banking

Question 5: These companies, generally newly created, are in a phase of development and research for ________.
EconomicsFinancial economicsMarketMoney

Question 6: The newsmagazine ________ estimated that up to 75% of the value of US public companies is now based on their intellectual property (up from 40% in 1980).
The Big IssuePrivate EyeThe EconomistProspect (magazine)

Question 7:
Startup company, Venture capital and Private equity are all:
Dot-com NPOV disputes from March 2008 Private equity Types of companies

Question 8: Most of this startup activity was located in ________, an area of northern California renowned for the high level of startup company activity.
Santa Clara, CaliforniaSunnyvale, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSilicon Valley

Question 9: Typically, startupers are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, ________, web developers, and others involved in the ground level of a new high tech venture.
Computer programmingSoftware engineeringSoftware engineerHistory of software engineering

Question 10: ________ firms and angel investors may help startup companies begin operations, exchanging cash for an equity stake.
Private equity secondary marketVenture capitalInstitutional investorPrivate equity


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