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Question 1: The Franz Joseph Blueprints and a handful of Star Trek novels state that NCC is an ________ for "Naval Construction Contract".
English languageUnited StatesAbbreviationAcronym and initialism

Question 2:
Which of the following is Starship Enterprise affiliated with?

Question 3: The eighth American ship to bear this name was the world's first nuclear ________.
DestroyerCarrier battle groupTimeline for aircraft carrier serviceAircraft carrier

Question 4: [1] It was destroyed attempting to defend the Klingon outpost Narendra III from ________ attack.
Star Trek (film)The Enterprise IncidentRomulanStar Trek Nemesis

Question 5: The British rechristened the ship HMS Enterprise for use by the ________.
HMS Ocean (L12)Royal NavyHMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ark Royal (R07)

Question 6: ________'s VSS Enterprise, proposed first commercial spacecraft, named after the Star Trek vessels.
Virgin GalacticVMS EveTier 1bScaled Composites SpaceShipTwo

Question 7: The name Enterprise comes from a long series of ________.
FeluccaShipHerring BussFishing vessel

Question 8: ISS Enterprise at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Star Trek: The Motion PictureStar Trek: First ContactTrekkieMemory Alpha

Question 9: As the result of a successful letter writing campaign, ________ named the initial flight-test Space Shuttle Enterprise.
Space explorationHuman spaceflightNASASpace Race

Question 10: Two Enterprises predate the ________.
Vulcan (Star Trek)United Federation of PlanetsRomulanBorg (Star Trek)


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