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Starship Down: Quiz


Question 1: The Jem'Hadar open fire on the Defiant, crippling it in the turbulent ________ atmosphere of the planet.

Question 2: ________ heads below to try to patch up the engines well enough so the ship can escape the planet's atmosphere.
Benjamin SiskoStar Trek: Deep Space Nine DVDsStar Trek: Deep Space NineJadzia Dax

Question 3: ________ and Chief O'Brien work on putting the Defiant's engines back together.
Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineWorf

Question 4: This episode was inspired by submarine films, particularly ________.
Wolfgang PetersenThe NeverEnding Story (film)Die KonsequenzDas Boot

Question 5: As the Dominion disapproves of trading with the Alpha Quadrant, the exchange takes place in orbit of a ________.
JupiterPlanetGas giantTerrestrial planet

Question 6: Starship Down at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
TrekkieStar Trek: First ContactMemory AlphaStar Trek: The Motion Picture


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