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Stark Tower: Quiz


Question 1: Stark Tower features as a location in Marvel's ________ trading card game.
Fantastic FourSkrullSentinel (comics)VS System

Question 2: Black Widow tells about their safezone and plan to Spider-Man and a released ________.
TinkererElectro (Marvel Comics)Beetle (comics)Sandman (Marvel Comics)

Question 3: After ________ took over S.H.I.E.L.D.
Green GoblinSecret War (comics)Stan LeeSpider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Question 4: The building was completed as a gleaming beacon of ________ after four years of excavation and construction.
Gothic Revival architecturePostmodern architectureModern architectureExpressionist architecture

Question 5: The Stark Tower Complex is a fictional high-rise building complex which appears in publications by ________.
Marvel ComicsMarvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel Entertainment

Question 6: The heroes are based there up until the mission in the Valley of Spirits, from where they relocate to ________'s Sanctum Sanctorum.
Doctor StrangeStan LeeIron Fist (comics)Luke Cage

Question 7: Located in Manhattan, New York City, the complex is named after its owner Tony Stark who is the alter ego of the superhero ________.
Iron ManStark TowerStan LeeAdvanced Idea Mechanics

Question 8: It is located in the vicinity of Manhattan's Columbus Circle approximately 10 blocks north of the ________, headquarters of the superhero team the Fantastic Four.
Four Freedoms PlazaStan LeeNamorBaxter Building

Question 9: While initially intending to use the top three floors of the Main Tower as his state-of-the-art bachelor pad, Stark gave them over to the Avengers as their base of operations after their former base, ________, was destroyed.
Stan LeeJack KirbyAvengers MansionAvengers (comics)

Question 10: Longtime caretaker of the Avengers Mansion ________ was asked to resume his duties in the new location.
Stan LeeCivil War (comics)Edwin JarvisSpider-Woman (Jessica Drew)


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