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Starfleet: Quiz


Question 1: Starfleet Medical at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Memory AlphaStar Trek: The Motion PictureTrekkieStar Trek: First Contact

Question 2: In the Star Trek Expanded Universe, the ________ is integrated into Starfleet upon Bajor's entry into the Federation, and Kira is promoted to the Starfleet rank of captain.

Question 3: Throughout the ________ franchise, the main characters' isolation from Starfleet Command compels them to make and act upon decisions without Starfleet Command's orders or information.
Star Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: The Original SeriesStar TrekStar Trek: Deep Space Nine

Question 4: Additionally, Pocket Books has published a series of eBooks and novels in the ________ series.
Star Trek: Strange New WorldsStarfleet Corps of EngineersStar Trek: New FrontierStar Trek: Vanguard

Question 5: This is said not to be a Human construct, but stemmed from policies originally implemented by the Vulcans, who used the attainment of warp speed as a ________ for making first contact with a civilization.
ThermometerWeather radarBarometerWeather forecasting

Question 6: A hearing is held to decide whether to extradite Worf to the ________ in the DS9 episode "Rules of Engagement"[2]
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryStar Trek V: The Final FrontierKlingonStar Trek: The Motion Picture

Question 7: Starfleet Tactical at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Memory AlphaStar Trek: The Motion PictureStar Trek: First ContactTrekkie

Question 8: [2] Rear Admiral ________ served 18 months as Starfleet's Chief of Operations.
James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyMontgomery Scott

Question 9: Starfleet at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Star Trek: The Motion PictureMemory AlphaTrekkieStar Trek: First Contact

Question 10: Other background props included additional UESPA references, such as Captain ________'s family album in Star Trek Generations.
William RikerJean-Luc PicardUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)James T. Kirk

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