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Starch: Quiz


Question 1: Starch is used to produce various ________, synthetic polymers that are biodegradable.
BioplasticBiofuelPetroleumBiodegradable plastic

Question 2: Starch is also used as ________ thickener.
Textile printingFeltWeavingDirect to garment printing

Question 3: This process is important in the digestion of starch and is also used in brewing, where the amylase from the skin of the seed grains is responsible for converting starch to maltose (Malting, ________).
Mash ingredientsHomebrewingEnzymeMashing

Question 4: The glucose is stored mainly in the form of starch granules, in plastids such as ________ and especially amyloplasts.
Plant cellCell wallPhotosynthesisChloroplast

Question 5: Aldohexose (Allose, Altrose, ________, Mannose, Gulose, Idose, Galactose, Talose)

Question 6: Starch glues are mostly based on unmodified native starches, plus some additive such as ________ and caustic soda.

Question 7: ________ is starch that escapes digestion in the small intestine of healthy individuals.
CarbohydrateResistant starchColon (anatomy)Dietary fiber

Question 8:
Starch, Banana and Quinoa are all:
Nutrition Excipients Edible thickening agents Staple foods

Question 9: Starch can be hydrolyzed into simpler carbohydrates by ________, various enzymes, or a combination of the two.
OxygenAcid–base reactionAcidAcid dissociation constant

Question 10: Starch is used in the manufacture of various adhesives or glues[9] for book-binding, ________ adhesives, paper sack production, tube winding, gummed paper, envelop adhesives, school glues and bottle labeling.
Oliver CromwellWallpaperEnglandWoodblock printing


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