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Question 1: Inside St. George's, some magnificent 12th-century ________ are still visible.

Question 2: Merchant vessels sailed from the ________ through Ladoga to Novgorod and then to Constantinople or the Caspian Sea.
Arctic OceanBaltic SeaNorth SeaBlack Sea

Question 3: A multi-ethnic settlement, it was dominated by Scandinavians who were called by the name of Rus and for that reason is sometimes called the first capital of ________.
MoscowRussiaUnited StatesRussian culture

Question 4: In the 12th and 13th centuries, Ladoga functioned as a trade outpost of the powerful ________.
RussiaNovgorod RepublicKievan Rus'Golden Horde

Question 5: Under the terms of their marriage settlement, Yaroslav ceded Ladoga to his wife, who appointed her father's cousin, the Swedish ________ Ragnvald Ulfsson, to rule the town.

Question 6: Tellingly, the oldest Arabian Middle Age coin in ________ was unearthed in Ladoga.
Western EuropeBalkansEuropeEastern Europe

Question 7: There is also a ________, dedicated to St. Nicholas and constructed mainly in the 17th century.
Christian monasticismMonasteryMonasticismMonk

Question 8: ________ suggests that Ladoga was founded in 753.
Radiocarbon datingDendrochronologyGeologic time scaleTime

Question 9: Until 950, it was one of the most important trading ports of ________.
BalkansCentral EuropeWestern EuropeEastern Europe

Question 10: An alternative way led down the Volga River along the Volga trade route to the Khazar capital of Atil, and then to the southern shores of the Caspian Sea, all the way to ________.


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