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Stara Zagora Province: Quiz


Question 1: Its main city is Stara Zagora, second biggest city is ________.

Question 2: The oldest ________ remains were found in Stara Zagora.
Linear Pottery cultureVinča cultureCucuteni-Trypillian cultureNeolithic

Question 3: Radnevo is 20 kilometers south of ________.
VarnaRuse, BulgariaStara ZagoraPlovdiv

Question 4: The famous film of ________ The History of Europe starts with the Neolithic museum in Stara Zagora.
TG4Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationRaidió Teilifís ÉireannBBC

Question 5: In October 2004, Stara Zagora Province was awarded for having the best quality of life in Europe, together with Greater Zürich (Switzerland), and ahead of ________ (Spain), and Flanders (Belgium).
Andalusian peopleCastile and LeónAndalusiaGalicia (Spain)

Question 6: Stara Zagora (Bulgarian: Област Стара Загора) is a ________ of south central Bulgaria.

Question 7: Stara Zagora is a cultural centre of particular significance for Bulgaria as it is an ancient ________, subsequently Greek, Roman and Byzantine metropolis.
Slavic peoplesDaciansThraciansScythians


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