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Question 1: During the diamond’s stay in India, Prince Mulhar Rao of the royal family of ________ got to know about the stone.
Scindia familyBhonsleGaekwadMaratha Empire

Question 2: [5] In 1948, the Maharani ________, was photographed wearing the necklace at her husband Maharajah Pratapsinh's birthday party.
FranceSita Devi of BarodaEurope1985

Question 3: [2] The diamond was later sent to a diamond dealing house in India, where negotiations were carried out to sell it to a ________ for a price of £110,000.
MaharajaMaratha EmpireMalaysiaPrincely state

Question 4: The buyer deposited the diamond at the Bank of ________ for £30,000.
Salvador, BahiaNiteróiSão PauloRio de Janeiro

Question 5: The light ________ by the diamond is white, and the refracted light is of a rose tint.
Anti-reflective coatingElectromagnetic radiationMirrorReflection (physics)

Question 6: There was a deep depression in one of the facets, indicating that it had accommodated another ________ crystal.

Question 7: The uncut diamond was passed through the hands of several buyers, until it was bought by Coster’s Establishment of ________ for £35,000.

Question 8: The Star of the South, also known as Estrela do Sul, is a diamond found in ________ in 1853.
MozambiquePortugalEast TimorBrazil


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