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Star of David: Quiz


Question 1: The functioning of the thymus is greatest before puberty and is impaired by the appearance of sex hormones in the blood stream from ________ onwards.
PregnancyPrenatal developmentSexual differentiationPuberty

Question 2: Many Western occultists associate this central chakra with the central ________, Tiphereth, in the kabbalistic tree of life.

Question 3: In the ________, Anahata is associated with the thymus gland, located in the chest.
HypopituitarismThyroidEndocrinologyEndocrine system

Question 4: ________ (MDA) (Red Star of David or, translated literally, Red Shield of David) is Israel's only official emergency medical, disaster, ambulance service.
Palestine Red Crescent SocietyInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent MovementAmerican Red CrossMagen David Adom

Question 5: The vast majority of ________ do not use the star either.
Spanish and Portuguese JewsSephardi JewsJewish philosophySynagogue

Question 6: However, it should be noted that (1) this book is of ________, and not of Rabbinic Jewish origin; and that (2) it does not describe the shape of the sign in any way.
Karaite JudaismKhazarsJewsJewish holiday

Question 7: ________ and Satmar reject it because they associate it with Zionism.
Neturei KartaHaredi JudaismChabadHasidic Judaism

Question 8: Christian kabbalists in particular associate this sephirah with love, healing and ________ as God the Son.
GospelNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeJesusNew Testament

Question 9: A manuscript Tanakh dated 1307 and belonging to Rabbi Yosef bar Yehuda ben Marvas from Toledo, ________, was decorated with a Shield of David.

Question 10: A supposed Shield of David however has recently been noted on a Jewish tombstone at Taranto, in Southern ________, which may date as early as the third century CE.

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