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Star Wars galaxy: Quiz


Question 1: The Maw was the site of Grand Moff Tarkin's Maw Installation, which built the ________ superweapon, among others.
Tantive IVDarth VaderPalpatineDeath Star

Question 2: The Empire treated the Expansion Region as an area to obtain slaves, and ________ the entire belt of worlds.
Surface miningMountaintop removal miningQuarryOpen-pit mining

Question 3: The Hydian Way also begins at ________, intersects the Perlemain Trade Route at Brentaal, and snakes up the Tingel Arm to its termination in the Corporate Sector.
CorelliaStar Wars galaxyAlderaanYavin

Question 4: Important manufacturing planets are ________, where the Super Star Destroyer Executor was built, and Balmorra, a major TIE producer.
List of Star Wars planets (C–D)List of Star Wars planets (E–G)List of Star Wars planets (M–N)Chronology of Star Wars

Question 5: Hutt Space — A region in the ________, which is controlled by criminal gangsters known as the Hutts.
Star Wars Expanded UniverseHan SoloStar Wars galaxyGrand Moff Tarkin

Question 6: Manaan is home to the ________, who harvest and export kolto across the galaxy.
Princess Leia OrganaList of Star Wars races (F–J)List of Star Wars races (P–T)List of Star Wars planets (R–S)

Question 7: The Core Worlds contain millions of systems, including Coruscant, ________, Corellia, Chandrila, Thyferra, Kuat, Nubia, and Duro.
AlderaanStar Wars galaxyNabooYavin

Question 8: Outer Rim worlds include Tatooine, Taris, Dantooine, Yavin, Hoth, Endor, Dagobah, Xagobah, Bakura, Ryloth, ________, Kamino and many others.
List of Star Wars planets (M–N)List of Star Wars planets (C–D)Chronology of Star WarsList of Star Wars planets (A–B)

Question 9: During the ________ invasion, the Corporate Sector isolated itself from the Galaxy.
Luke SkywalkerChewbaccaYuuzhan VongJacen Solo

Question 10: It was subjugated by the ________ during their invasion after the Hutts attempted to double-cross them.
Yuuzhan VongJacen SoloLuke SkywalkerChewbacca


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