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Star Wars Trilogy Arcade: Quiz


Question 1: The first part of the mission involves shooting AT-ST walkers and probe droids, and helping other snowspeeders to take down the giant ________ walkers.
Death StarTIE fighterTantive IVWalker (Star Wars)

Question 2: The first one has the player deflecting blaster shots from ________ back at him with a lightsaber in order to knock him into the Sarlacc pit behind him.
C-3POPalpatineObi-Wan KenobiBoba Fett

Question 3: The second one involves the player dueling ________ on the second Death Star.
Luke SkywalkerPrincess Leia OrganaDarth VaderObi-Wan Kenobi

Question 4: The game was never ported to a home console, though there were rumors of a ________ port.
Mega DriveSegaDreamcastSega Saturn

Question 5: The Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope mission has the player reenacting the final space battle at Yavin as an X-wing fighter confronting ________.
Star DestroyerTantive IVDeath StarTIE fighter

Question 6: Gameplay info: Star Wars Trilogy Arcade at the ________
MobyGamesGolden age of video arcade gamesKiller List of Videogames3D modeling

Question 7: Sega also released an accompanying ________ game.
Pac-ManElectronic gamePersonal computer gamePinball

Question 8: The game is a 3-D rail shooter based on the original trilogy of ________ films and was released along with the special editions of these films.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceStar Wars Episode IV: A New HopeStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackStar Wars

Question 9: Normal gameplay involves the player moving a ________ around the screen using a joystick and pressing the fire button atop the joystick to shoot.
Collimated lightReticleTelescopic sightReflex sight

Question 10: The second part of the mission has the player reenact the escape from Hoth, running through corridors of the rebel base, shooting snowtroopers and wampas while trying to get to the ________.
Millennium FalconChewbaccaDarth VaderHan Solo


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