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StarCraft (series): Quiz


Question 1: In the consequent power vacuum, Mengsk crowns himself emperor of a new ________.
StarCraft: Brood WarSpecies of StarCraftCharacters of StarCraftStarCraft

Question 2: [71] Revelations was authored by series creator ________ and Sam Moore, a Blizzard employee, and was featured on the cover of the 1999 spring edition with art by Blizzard's art director Samwise Didier.
Blizzard EntertainmentBattle.netChris MetzenStarCraft (series)

Question 3: Unlike the previous real-time strategy games in the series, Ghost was to be a stealth-________.
First-person shooterAction gameLight gun shooterShoot 'em up

Question 4:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of StarCraft (series)?
James E. Moser
James Phinney
James Jones
James Moser

Question 5:
Who developed StarCraft (series)?

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did StarCraft (series) have?
Law & Order franchise
StarCraft'' franchise
StarCraft Adventures
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Franchise

Question 7: [42] The story of the game is based around Nova, a psychic assassin in the employ of the ________.
Characters of StarCraftSpecies of StarCraftStarCraft: Brood WarStarCraft (series)

Question 8:
Which of the following platforms does StarCraft (series) run on?

Question 9: Written by ________ and published in March 2001,[59] it was the first StarCraft novel to be released in paperback.
Jeff GrubbDungeons & DragonsTSR, Inc.Forgotten Realms

Question 10: ________ began planning development on StarCraft in 1995, shortly after the beginning of development for Diablo.
Sierra EntertainmentVivendi GamesBlizzard EntertainmentActivision Blizzard


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