StarCraft: Ghost: Quiz

Question 1:
StarCraft: Ghost was part of which series?
Deep Space Nine
Premier Manager
Exhaust Heat

Question 2:
Which of the following genres does StarCraft: Ghost produce?

Question 3: Part of Blizzard's StarCraft series, the game was announced in 2002 and was to be developed by Nihilistic Software for the ________, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 video game consoles.
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemWiiNintendo GameCubeNintendo 64

Question 4:
When was StarCraft: Ghost released?
Indefinitely postponed

Question 5:

Question 6:
Who designed StarCraft: Ghost?
Dave Maldonado
Dave O'Mally, Tris Orendorff, Brian Hilchie
Dave Nalle, Paul Reeves, and Ian Hense
Dave Edmonson

Question 7: Ghost incorporates traditional game modes from multiplayer video games such as deathmatch, ________, and king of the hill, but also introduces two game modes specifically designed for the StarCraft universe.
First-person shooterAction gameShooter gameCapture the flag

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did StarCraft: Ghost have?
Member of Parliament for West Lothian
9th At Pine
Member for Parramatta
StarCraft: Ghost

Question 9: Unlike its real-time strategy predecessor ________, Ghost is a third-person shooter, and was intended to give players a closer and more personal view of the StarCraft universe.
StarCraft: Brood WarStarCraftStarCraft (series)StarCraft professional competition

Question 10: Under emperor ________, the Terran Dominion has rebuilt much of its former strength and controls a new military formed to counter the Zerg.
Characters of StarCraftSpecies of StarCraftStarCraft II: Wings of LibertyJim Raynor

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