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Staple foods: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the binomial authority of Breadfruit?
Freyer, 1846
Lloyd, 1908

Question 2:
What is the binomial of Taro?
Colocasia esculenta
Amblycercus holosericeus
Celtis paniculata
Semecarpus paucinervius

Question 3:
What is the binomial of Plantain?
Leucanthemum x superbum
Aesculus x carnea
Musa x paradisiaca
Gaillardia x grandiflora

Question 4:
What is the binomial of Maize?
Zea mays
Calystegia collina
Brownea grandiceps
Parabuteo unicinctus

Question 5:
What family does Oat belong to?

Question 6:
What family does Wheat belong to?


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