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Standing army: Quiz


Question 1: [2][3] In western Europe the first standing army was established by ________ in the fifteenth century.
Louis XI of FranceCharles VII of FranceCharles VI of FranceJohn II of France

Question 2: The President, however, retains command of the armed forces when they are raised, as ________.
FranceNicolas SarkozyGermanyCommander-in-chief

Question 3: A standing army is an ________ composed of full-time career soldiers who 'stand over', in other words, who do not disband during times of peace.
Field armyDivision (military)ArmyArmy history

Question 4: In ________, and the British Colonies in America, there was a sentiment of distrust of a standing army not in civilian control.
Great BritainEnglandScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: The army of ancient Rome is considered to have been a standing army during some of the republic period and especially towards the end of the republic following the ________ in 107BC.
Roman RepublicRoman NavyMarian reformsRoman infantry tactics

Question 6: They differ from ________ who are activated only during such times as war or natural disasters.
United States Army ReserveMilitiaAir National GuardMilitary reserve force

Question 7: The first 'modern' standing armies in Europe were the ________ of the Ottoman Empire, formed in the fourteenth century AD.
Suleiman the MagnificentOttoman NavyJanissarySipahi


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