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Question 1: It is a dimensionless quantity derived by subtracting the ________ from an individual raw score and then dividing the difference by the population standard deviation.
MeanVarianceArithmetic meanMedian

Question 2: where μ = E(X) is the ________ and σ = the standard deviation of the probability distribution of X.
Arithmetic meanMeanVarianceMedian

Question 3: When a population is ________, the percentile rank may be determined from the standard score and statistical tables.
Generalized normal distributionStudent's t-distributionProbability distributionNormal distribution

Question 4: For example, a population of people who smoke ________ is not fully measured.
SmokingTobacco advertisingTobacco smokingCigarette

Question 5: In mathematical statistics, a ________ X is standardized using the theoretical (population) mean and standard deviation:
ProbabilityRandom variableVarianceProbability distribution

Question 6: The z-score is most often used in the z-test in ________ – the analog of the Student's t-test for a population whose parameters are known, rather than estimated.
Active learningStandards-based assessmentGrade (education)Standardized test

Question 7: The standard score is not the same as the z-factor used in the analysis of ________ data, but is sometimes confused with it.
High-throughput screeningDrug discoveryCompound managementBiology

Question 8: In statistics, a standard score indicates how many ________ an observation or datum is above or below the mean.
VarianceNormal distributionStandard deviationMedian

Question 9: But knowing the true standard deviation of a population is often unrealistic except in cases such as ________, where the entire population is measured.
Active learningGrade (education)Standardized testStandards-based assessment

Question 10: The z-score is only defined if one knows the population parameters, as in ________; if one only has a sample set, then the analogous computation with sample mean and sample standard deviation yields the Student's t-statistic.
Standards-based assessmentActive learningGrade (education)Standardized test


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