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Standard Template Library: Quiz


Question 1: Modern C++ ________ are tuned to minimize any abstraction penalty arising from heavy use of the STL.
Programming languageCompilerCompiler optimizationAssembly language

Question 2: The STL implements five different types of ________.
C (programming language)Associative arrayIteratorJava (programming language)

Question 3: The prospects for early widespread dissemination of STL were considerably improved with Hewlett-Packard's decision to make its implementation freely available on the ________ in August 1994.
World Wide WebInternetE-mailInternet Relay Chat

Question 4: For example, callback enumeration APIs cannot be made to fit the STL model without the use of ________, which are platform-dependent and/or unavailable, and are outside the C++ standard.
CoroutineContinuationPython (programming language)C (programming language)

Question 5: In 1979 he began working out his initial ideas of ________ and exploring their potential for revolutionizing software development.
Functional programmingObject-oriented programmingGeneric programmingProgramming paradigm

Question 6: Classes that do this are called functors or ________.
Functional programmingFunction objectFirst-class functionClosure (computer science)

Question 7: It provides containers, iterators, ________, and functors.
Alan TuringLogicAlgorithm characterizationsAlgorithm


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