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Standard-definition television: Quiz


Question 1: The refresh rate can be any of 24, 30 or 60 ________.
InterlaceFrame rateNTSCVideo

Question 2: When resolution is considered, both the resolution of the transmitted signal and the (native) ________ of a TV set are taken into account.
720pDisplay resolutionInterlace1080p

Question 3: All content recorded for television broadcast in the UK and the ________ have a 16:9 aspect ratio.
MaltaUnited StatesUnited KingdomRepublic of Ireland

Question 4: Standard-definition television (or SDTV) is a television system that has a resolution that meets standards but not considered either enhanced-definition television (EDTV) or ________ (HDTV).
High-definition television1080pATSC (standards)NTSC

Question 5: Digital SDTV in 4:3 aspect ratio has the same appearance as the regular analog TV (________, PAL, SECAM) minus the ghosting, snowy images and white noise.
Broadcast television systemsBroadcast-safeATSC (standards)NTSC

Question 6: In ________, SDTV can be broadcast in 704 pixels × 480 lines with 16:9 aspect ratio (40:33 rectangular pixel), 704 pixels × 480 lines with 4:3 aspect ratio (10:11 rectangular pixel) or 640 pixels × 480 lines with 4:3 ratio.
ATSC (standards)Broadcast flagISDBDigital Video Broadcasting

Question 7: [1] When a television set is labeled "SDTV", this means that the set includes an ________ tuner, but scans its picture in the same 480i pattern used in NTSC.
ATSC (standards)ISDBDigital Video BroadcastingBroadcast flag

Question 8: Standards that support digital SDTV broadcast include DVB, ________ and ISDB.
DMB-T/HATSC (standards)Broadcast flagATSC-M/H

Question 9: The term is usually used in reference to ________, in particular when broadcasting at the same (or similar) resolution as analog systems.
DVB-TATSC (standards)Digital Video BroadcastingDigital television

Question 10: In the USA, SDTV refers to digital television broadcast in 4:3 aspect ratio, the same aspect ratio as ________ signals.
PALBroadcast television systemsSECAMNTSC


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