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Stan Lee: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Stan Lee play in the movie The Super Hero Squad Show ?
Thor/Bank Teller
Mayor of Super Hero City
Dr. Doom/Phil Sheldon

Question 2: Spider-Man is transported by ________ into the "real" world where he is a fictional character.
Liz AllanIceman (comics)Doctor OctopusMadame Web

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Stan Lee have?
Stan Lee Meets Superheroes
Jim & Dara Lee
Stan Lee
Cheltzie Lee

Question 4: Lee attended ________ in The Bronx,[8] where his family had moved next.
Jackie RobinsonDeWitt Clinton High SchoolHell's Kitchen, ManhattanLou Gehrig

Question 5:
What role did Stan Lee play in the movie Conflict?
Pat Glendon
Peter Scott
Prof. Norman Holsworth

Question 6:

Question 7:
What role did Stan Lee play in the telemovie Spider-Man (VG) ?
Bank Thug #2/Eagle-One Pilot
Spider-Man/Bank Thug #1
Tour Guide

Question 8:
What is the nationality of Stan Lee?
United States

Question 9: Lee said he has met with ________, director of the planned film Thor about his possible cameo in that movie.
Judi DenchJohn GielgudKenneth BranaghDerek Jacobi

Question 10:

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