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Question 1: In 1993 ________ researchers Bill Merrill and Glenn Johnson with the aid of Helen Ackley said they claimed to have contacted the ghosts from Portland, Oregon.
PoltergeistCharles FortParanormalPsychokinesis

Question 2: [2] Stambovsky was from ________ and was not aware of the folklore of Nyack, including the widely known haunting story.
New York CityNew York metropolitan areaManhattanBrooklyn

Question 3: During the course of her ownership of the property at issue, which was located in ________, Helen Ackley and members of her family had reported the existence of numerous poltergeists in the house.
Suffern, New YorkHaverstraw (village), New YorkPiermont, New YorkNyack, New York

Question 4: When Stambovsky learned of the haunting story, he filed an action requesting rescission of the contract of sale and for ________ for fraudulent misrepresentation by Ackley and Ellis Realty.
Judgment (law)Deposition (law)DamagesPleading

Question 5: Among the new prospective buyers to the house at 1 LaVeta Place on the ________ was Kreskin (who was interested in it because of the haunted claim).
New York CityManhattanHudson RiverNew York

Question 6: [2] A ________ (trial court) dismissed the action, and Stambovsky appealed.
New York CityNew York City Criminal CourtNew York Supreme Court, Appellate DivisionNew York Supreme Court

Question 7: defendant is ________ to deny their existence and, as a matter of law, the house is haunted." The court noted that whether the house was truly haunted or not, the fact that the house had been widely reported as being haunted greatly affected its value.
EstoppelUnited KingdomAdministrative lawDeed


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