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Question 1: The actor ________ changed his name from Kalpen Modi for professional purposes; after changing his name, calls back increased by 50%.
Cecilia MuñozMona SutphenAdolfo Carrión, Jr.Kalpen Modi

Question 2: He was called ________ as a solo performer, and again called Black Francis in a reunited Pixies.
Pistolero (album)Honeycomb (album)Frank Black FrancisBlack Francis

Question 3: Madonna, ________, Prince, and Pink are pop music examples, though both Madonna and Prince were given those names at birth.
Lady GagaThe FamePoker Face (Lady Gaga song)Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song)

Question 4: Examples of these include Nicolas Cage (real name Nicolas Coppola, nephew of ________) and Mike McGear (brother of Paul McCartney).
The Godfather Part IIThe Godfather Part IIIFrancis Ford CoppolaThe Godfather

Question 5: The equivalent concept among writers is called a ________ or pen name, while the term ring name is used in professional wrestling.
PoetryPen namePseudonymThe Hardy Boys

Question 6: Charles Thompson, singer/songwriter for the alternative band ________, was known in that band as Black Francis.
Surfer RosaPixiesDoolittle (album)Kim Deal

Question 7: ________ (born Declan MacManus), who had adopted his professional name as a legal name, changed it back to his birth name in 1986.
Elvis CostelloGet Happy!! (Elvis Costello album)My Aim Is TrueSpike (Elvis Costello album)

Question 8: ________ actress Vanessa Williams officially uses "Vanessa L.
Ugly Betty (season 3)Ugly Betty (season 4)Ugly BettyYo soy Betty, la fea

Question 9: The latter chose the last name Keaton simply because he was an admirer of actor ________.
The General (1927 film)Buster KeatonBuster Keaton filmographyCharlie Chaplin

Question 10: By way of example, the actor/writer/director ________ was named "Albert Einstein" by his parents and chose a different second name so that his name would not be a distraction that would evoke the renowned physicist of the same name.
Phil HartmanHarry ShearerHank AzariaAlbert Brooks

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