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Stability constants of complexes: Quiz


Question 1: Bjerrum recognised that the formation of a metal complex with a ligand was a kind of ________ equilibrium: there is competition for the ligand, L, between the metal ion, Mn+, and the hydrogen ion, H+.
Lewis acids and basesAmmoniaBase (chemistry)Acid–base reaction

Question 2: Hard and soft acid-base theory (________).
HydrogenNitrogenHSAB theoryMetal

Question 3: For example, ________ oxidations can be achieved by adding a catalytic quantity of a crown ether and a small amount of organic solvent to the aqueous reaction mixture, so that the oxidation reaction occurs in the organic phase.
Potassium iodidePotassium permanganateSodium nitriteEthanol

Question 4: ________ is a macrocyclic complex of magnesium(II).
PhotosynthesisPlant physiologyChlorophyllPlant

Question 5: ________ with polar side-chains[52]
Amino acidL-DOPAMetabolismAmino acid synthesis

Question 6: All these reviews are published by ________ and the full text is available, free of charge, in pdf format, by following the DOI (Digital object identifier) link in the reference.
International Union of Pure and Applied ChemistryIUPAC nomenclaturePotassiumCarbon

Question 7: The selectivity of macrocyclic ligands can be used as a basis for the construction of an ________.
Glass electrodeIon selective electrodeAmmoniaBiochemistry

Question 8: Applications include molecular recognition, ________ and anion sensors.
Acid dissociation constantHost-guest chemistryStacking (chemistry)Hydrogen bond

Question 9: A stability constant (formation constant, binding constant) is an ________ for the formation of a complex in solution.
Acid dissociation constantStatistical mechanicsEquilibrium constantChemical equilibrium

Question 10: ________ forms such strong complexes with most divalent cations that it finds many uses.


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