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St. Patrick's blue: Quiz


Question 1: [33] President ________ owns a racehorse, Suailce, which runs in the Presidential colours of "St Patrick's blue and gold".
Nicolas SarkozyVáclav KlausMary McAleeseTarja Halonen

Question 2: There has been debate over the extent to which blue was a national colour of Ireland prior to the creation of the Order, and whether it was associated with ________ himself independently of the Order.
Saint PatrickPopeBedeCatholic Church

Question 3: [36] The academical dress of the ________ also features St Patrick's blue.
National University of Ireland, MaynoothDublin City UniversityUniversity College DublinRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Question 4: Patrick's Blue," was everywhere visible.'[19] The ________'s dress code in 1912 specified that the household of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland should wear St.
Lord ChamberlainEdward BondFrederick Spencer, 4th Earl SpencerHenry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon

Question 5: [17] In 1886, a garden party given by the ________ to showcase Irish manufacturing had an Irish-themed dress code.
Lord Lieutenant of IrelandAct of Union 1800United Kingdom of Great Britain and IrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 6: Patrick (St Patrick, Pádraig) on the website of the ________ (subscription required)
Leslie StephenDictionary of National BiographyEncyclopædia BritannicaSidney Lee

Question 7: ________ described the colour as "in perfect, traditional, national accord with our history and in close association with the most revered and venerated memory of our patron Saint".
Éamon de ValeraSeán LemassW. T. CosgraveMichael Collins (Irish leader)

Question 8: The ________ Band's first uniform was St Patrick's blue, but this was soon changed to navy.
Irish ArmyIrish Civil WarIrish Republican Army (1922–1969)Provisional Irish Republican Army

Question 9: Patrick's Blue (________ 295 as the Presedential [sic] Pennant)".
Color modelPantoneNatural Color SystemRGB color model

Question 10: It was a quasi-Fascist ________ which rejected green as associated with its republican opponents.
ShirtCollar (clothing)BlouseClothing terminology


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