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St. Michael's Church (Mumbai): Quiz


Question 1: Garcia de Orta
Bombay Castle
Portuguese Conquest of Goa (1510)Siege of DiuBattle of SwallyBattle of Diu (1509)

Question 2: Michael's Church was the refuge place for the image of the ________ from the chapel.
Blessed Virgin MaryBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)JesusSaint Stephen

Question 3: Initially, only two services were held every Wednesday, but today from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm, the thirteen services are held in various languages: English, Konkani, Marathi, Tamil and ________.
Punjabi languageHindustani languageSanskritHindi

Question 4: When the Marathas conquered Salsette in 1739, Our Lady of the Mount chapel in ________ was destroyed by the Portuguese at the instance of the British so that its location remained secret to the Marathas.
Santacruz, MumbaiAndheriBandraMahim

Question 5: Treaty of Salbai
Plague epidemic of 1890s
Rowlatt Satyagraha
INA trialsRoyal Indian Navy MutinyIndian National ArmyIndische Legion

Question 6: The church also served a refuge to popular icon of the Virgin Mary from Our Lady of the Mount chapel, ________ from 1739 to 1761.
BandraSantacruz, MumbaiAndheriMahim

Question 7: St. Michael's Church is one of the oldest ________ churches as well as one of oldest existing Portuguese buildings in Mumbai.
Ecumenical councilCatholicismBishopCatholic

Question 8: They offer floral garlands according to the ________ customs and repeat prayers before the image.

Question 9: Not only Christians, but also adherents of other faiths congregate to pay their respects to the ________ and attend mass every Wednesday.
JesusBiblical MagiSaint JosephMary (mother of Jesus)

Question 10: Michael's to see the picture of ________ called "the Divine Mercy".
New TestamentNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospelJesus


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