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St. Louis Rams: Quiz


Question 1:
What are the colours of the St. Louis Rams?
Maroon,Silver & Black
Blue and White
Red and White
Millennium blue, new century gold, white

Question 2:
When was St. Louis Rams founded?
1923 West Torrens,

Question 3: Their name, the Rams, comes from the nickname of ________.
Columbia UniversityFordham UniversityPace UniversityLong Island University

Question 4: Head Coach ________ 1997-1999
Chuck BednarikDick VermeilSonny JurgensenSteve Van Buren

Question 5:

Question 6: ________ Rams (1946-1994)
Los AngelesLong Beach, CaliforniaGlendale, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did St. Louis Rams have?
Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams Starting Quarterbacks
Home of the Cleveland Rams
Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

Question 8: 29 ________ 1983-1987
Marshall FaulkMerlin OlsenEric DickersonJack Youngblood

Question 9: Other teams being targeted include the ________ and Jacksonville Jaguars.
2009 Buffalo Bills seasonAFC EastBuffalo Bills2010 Buffalo Bills season

Question 10:
What entity owns St. Louis Rams?
Northwest Missouri State Univ.
London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Chip Rosenbloom, Lucia Rodriguez and Stan Kroenke

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