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St. John's Water Dog: Quiz


Question 1: Also their main overseas destination, the UK, imposed rigorous long-term ________ on all imported animals, especially dogs (1885) as part of the eradication of rabies.

Question 2: However, in both Newfoundland and the Maritime provinces, there are still large black ________ with many characteristics of the original St.
Mixed-breed dogDog hybridConformation showDog breed

Question 3: The St. John's Water Dog, also called the St. John’s Dog, was a naturally-occuring ________ from Newfoundland.
Guard dogCoat (dog)Ancient dog breedsDog breed

Question 4: In the 1970s, Canadian author ________ tried to save the breed by crossing his St.
TorontoCanadaFarley MowatNever Cry Wolf (book)

Question 5: This breed is the ancestor of the modern Retrievers; including the Flat Coated Retriever, the ________, the Golden Retriever, and the Labrador Retriever.
American Cocker SpanielIrish SetterChesapeake Bay RetrieverEnglish Springer Spaniel


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