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St. George's Night Uprising: Quiz


Question 1: After the rebellion Denmark sold its domains in Estonia to the ________ in 1346.
Teutonic KnightsGermanyHoly Roman EmpireThirteen Years' War (1454–66)

Question 2: Estonia was conquered by crusaders from ________ and Germany during the 13th century.

Question 3: The Estonian "kings" offered to obey the master of ________ provided they would have no overlords over them; but the master demanded to know why they had killed so many people, including 28 monks of Padise.
LivoniaLivonian peopleLatviaLivonian Crusade

Question 4: The provinces of Wiek (Läänemaa) and Ösel (________) joined the insurgency.

Question 5: The ________ tried to use the anniversary of the uprising in 1943 to pit the Estonians against the Germans.
East GermanyJoseph StalinRussiaSoviet Union

Question 6: Four days later the Estonians' allies – Swedish-Finnish troops led by Dan Nilsson, the ________ of Åbo – arrived; but it was too late.

Question 7: The rebellion on the island of Ösel ________ lasted two years.

Question 8: Insurgents conquered the ________ monastery-fortress in Padise and tried to besiege Reval (Tallinn), the provincial capital, which they promised to hand over to their ally, the king of Sweden.
CarthusianCatholic religious orderTrappistsCistercians

Question 9: The chronicler Bartholomäus Hoeneke also tells a story about Estonians plotting to get inside the castle of Fellin (________) by hiding armed warriors in bags of grain.

Question 10: It was also one of the last organized attempts to cast off the yoke of Christianity that had been imposed on the Estonians during the ________.
Germanic ChristianityNorthern CrusadesEast–West SchismChristianization


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