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Srebrenik: Quiz


Question 1: 44,734 ________ (93.4%),
SerbsBosniaksBosniak historyBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 2: Otherwise, Bosnia's best-preserved medieval ________ dating from 1333 is located in the outskirts of Srebrenik.
FortificationKeepCastleHill fort

Question 3: In early 1996, when the ________ ended, most of the remaining Serb residents of Srebrenik left because Srebrenik became administratively part of the Tuzla Canton and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Croat–Bosniak WarLašva Valley ethnic cleansingSrebrenica massacreBosnian War

Question 4: The town of Srebrenik is located northwest of ________.
MostarSarajevoBosnia and HerzegovinaTuzla

Question 5: Therefore, today it is safe to assume that the municipality of Srebrenik has a population of approximately 49,000 (est.) residents with an evident majority of ________ along with a small minority of primarily Croats.
BosniaksBosnia and HerzegovinaSerbsBosniak history

Question 6: In the 1991 ________, the municipality of Srebrenik had 40,882 inhabitants:

Question 7: It is administratively part of the Tuzla Canton and the ________.
Brčko DistrictRepublika SrpskaFederation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaDubica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Question 8: On the other hand, some of the Serb residents left the area since Srebrenik became chiefly populated by ________.
Bosniak historySerbsBosniaksBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 9: 2,761 ________ (6.8%),
CroatiaCroatian national costumeCroatian languageCroats

Question 10: However, it is certain that during the 1990s and particularly during the ________, the municipality of Srebrenik received approximately 13,000 Bosniak war refugees from primarily the municipalities of Doboj, to the west, and Brčko, to the north of Srebrenik.
Srebrenica massacreBosnian WarCroat–Bosniak WarLašva Valley ethnic cleansing


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