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Squire: Quiz


Question 1: The squire usually lived at the village ________ and owned an estate comprising the village, with the villagers being his tenants.
Manor houseEnglish country houseChâteauCastle

Question 2: ________'s depiction of a squire in Vanity Fair showed the class to be lecherous, ill-educated, badly mannered relics of an earlier age.
LondonAnthony TrollopeEnglandWilliam Makepeace Thackeray

Question 3: In the post-mediaeval world, the title of esquire came to belong to all men of the higher gentry; an esquire ranked socially above a ________ but below a knight.

Question 4: Some squires also became the local rector themselves and were known as squarsons—a ________ of the words squire and parson.
Humpty DumptyBlendPortmanteauSupercouple

Question 5: The term 'squire' is sometimes used, particularly in ________ slang, by men when addressing another man.
CockneyEstuary EnglishBritish EnglishEnglish language

Question 6: A squire was the second stage to becoming a ________, after serving first as a page.

Question 7: The territorial designation fell into disuse in ________ early on, save for peers of the realm.
United KingdomWalesEnglandScotland

Question 8: Moreover, in Scotland Lairds append their territorial designation to their names as was traditionally done on the continent of ________ (e.g., Donald Cameron of Lochiel).
Western EuropeEuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 9: The squire would also have performed a number of important local duties, in particular that of justice of the peace or ________.
BicameralismMember of ParliamentParliamentary systemUnicameralism

Question 10: The position of squire was traditionally associated with occupation of the ________, which would often itself confer the dignity of squire.
ChâteauCastleManor houseEnglish country house


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