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Squash (sport): Quiz


Question 1: Squash is played throughout the world, and is similar to ________ in skills and fitness requirements, but the principal limitation has always been the difficulty in observing the sport as a spectator, either in person or on television.
TennisATP RankingsTennis statisticsRafael Nadal

Question 2: In 2009, the first and only[citation needed] squash 3D video game, Touch Squash, was launched on the iPhone ________ for iPhone and iPod touch.
YouTubeApp StoreSafari (web browser)Apple TV

Question 3: ________ was material of choice for the ball.
PolymerLatexEnglandNatural rubber

Question 4: In the 2005 novel Saturday by ________, Henry Perowne plays a regular weekly squash game.
Ian McEwanSalman RushdieWilliam GoldingKazuo Ishiguro

Question 5: Because of its traditions, the British Open has been considered by many to be more prestigious than the ________, which began in the mid-1970s.
World Weightlifting ChampionshipsWorld OpenFINA World Aquatics ChampionshipsIAAF World Cross Country Championships

Question 6: There is also an "orange dot" ball, which is even less bouncy than the "double-yellow dot" ball, intended for use in areas of high altitude such as Mexico City, ________, Denver, and Johannesburg.
Inglewood, CalgaryDowntown CalgaryKensington, CalgaryCalgary

Question 7: Squash players and associations have lobbied for many years for the sport to be accepted into the ________, with no success to date.
Olympic GamesWomen's sportsNetballRoller derby

Question 8: In the movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) and Bud Fox (________) play a game of squash.
Jesse VenturaCynthia McKinneyCharlie SheenJuliette Binoche

Question 9: The current number 1 rank is held by Ramy Ashour of ________ in the men's competition[11] and Nicol David of Malaysia in the women's competition.

Question 10: The relatively small court and low-bouncing ball makes scoring points harder than in its American cousin, ________, as the ball may be played to all four corners of the court.
RacquetballFranceOlympic GamesUS Open Racquetball Championships


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