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Square root: Quiz


Question 1: In all other cases, the square roots are ________, and therefore their decimal representations are non-repeating decimals.
Real numberComplex numberTranscendental numberIrrational number

Question 2: ________
Algebraic number fieldPolynomialSolving quadratic equations with continued fractionsReal number

Question 3: Computer software programs typically implement good routines to compute the ________ and the natural logarithm or logarithm, and then compute the square root of x using the identity
ExponentiationExponential functionEuler's formulaLeonhard Euler

Question 4: The ________ is a copy from 1650 BC of an even earlier work and shows us how the Egyptians extracted square roots.
Egyptian fractionAhmesEgyptian mathematicsRhind Mathematical Papyrus

Question 5: However, it is possible to work with a more inclusive set of numbers, called the ________, that does contain solutions to the square root of a negative number.
Vector spaceComplex numberReal numberField (mathematics)

Question 6: Square roots of negative numbers can be discussed within the framework of ________.
Real numberVector spaceComplex numberField (mathematics)

Question 7: If A is a ________ or operator, then there exists precisely one positive definite matrix or operator B with B2 = A; we then define √A = B.
Positive-definite matrixInner product spaceLinear algebraEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace

Question 8: This result can be obtained ________ by finding a and b such that
MathematicsAlgebraic structureVector spaceAlgebra

Question 9: The most common iterative method of square root calculation by hand is known as the "________" or "Heron's method" after the first century Greek philosopher Heron of Alexandria who first described it.
Square root of 2Methods of computing square rootsContinued fractionNewton's method

Question 10: This is done by introducing a new number, denoted by i (sometimes j, especially in the context of electricity where "i" traditionally represents electric current) and called the ________, which is defined such that i2 = −1.
Complex conjugateComplex numberEuler's formulaImaginary unit

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