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Square rig: Quiz


Question 1: A ________ has two masts, both square rigged.
Full rigged shipBrigGaff rigFore-and-aft rig

Question 2: A square-topsail cutter or ________ carries one or (less commonly) two square topsails on its only mast, in addition to its mainsail and jib or jibs.
Fore-and-aft rigSloopSailboatBermuda sloop

Question 3: The term is also used for the uniform of a rating in the ________ since 1857.
Royal NavyHMS Ocean (L12)HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Illustrious (R06)

Question 4: Some clipper ships that had square rigs and for whom speed was critical could be much faster; for example ________ could make 17 knots.
Cutty SarkChallenger (clipper)Thermopylae (clipper)Lammermuir (1864 clipper)

Question 5: A square-topsail ________ carries one or more square-rigged topsails on its foremast.
Full rigged shipSail-planFore-and-aft rigSchooner

Question 6: A ________ has three or more masts, with the aftermost entirely fore-and-aft rigged, while the fore, main and any others are square rigged.
Tall shipBarqueWindjammerCatboat

Question 7: The ________ is the (nearly) undisputed champion of windward performance in soft sails, due to its very low drag and high lift-to-drag ratio.
Full rigged shipFore-and-aft rigBermuda rigBermuda sloop

Question 8: But this rig fell from favour to fore-and-aft gaff rigs and ________ after the development of steam power and new materials, although hybrids existed for a while.
Bermuda rigBermuda sloopFore-and-aft rigFull rigged ship


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