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Square Enix: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following is a key person at Square Enix?
Phil Ruthven, Founder/Chairman
Phil Rogers, President and CEO
Phil Guy, CEO
Phil Forner:

Question 2: A next-gen MMORPG code named Rapture is currently in development by the ________ team using the company's Crystal Tools engine.
Final Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy V

Question 3:
When was Square Enix founded?
December 1986
September 1986
September 1883
1986 by Khouri Brothers

Question 4:
What industry is Square Enix in?
Books & magazines
Share Exchange
RISC Semiconductors Microprocessors

Question 5:

Question 6:
What is the revenue of Square Enix?
u00A5135 billion, $1.49 billion
US$ 1.2 billion
$4.35 billion AUD
, u00A5730.9 billion

Question 7:
Which of these is a Square Enix product?
Video games
Processor IP

Question 8: The company won ________'s award for Best Developer of 2006 for the PlayStation 2.

Question 9: The company developed its flagship games almost exclusively for the ________, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 in their respective eras.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo DSWii

Question 10: A code to have a chance to be included in the Final Fantasy XIV beta was included with the PS3 version of ________
Final Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy VII

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