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Question 1: Squaring is used in statistics in determining the ________ of a set of values.
Standard deviationVarianceMeanNormal distribution

Question 2: It follows that no square root can be taken of a negative number within the system of ________.
Irrational numberTranscendental numberReal numberComplex number

Question 3: In ________, the volatility of a financial instrument is the standard deviation of its values.
Financial marketFinanceDebtBond (finance)

Question 4: In ________, the square of a number is that number multiplied by itself.
Algebraic structureAlgebraVector spaceMathematics

Question 5: This leaves a gap in the real number system that mathematicians fill by postulating ________, beginning with the imaginary unit i, which by convention is one of the square roots of −1.
Split-complex numberField (mathematics)Complex numberVector space

Question 6: If x is a positive real number, the value of x2 is equal to the ________ of a square of edge length x.

Question 7:
Square (algebra), Binary numeral system and 0 (number) are all:
All pages needing cleanup Number theory Elementary arithmetic Integer sequences

Question 8:
Square (algebra), Natural number and Factorial are all:
Integer sequences All pages needing cleanup Number theory Elementary arithmetic

Question 9: Since the product of real ________ is positive, and the product of two real positive numbers is also positive, it follows that no square number is negative.
Complex numberIntegerRational numberNegative and non-negative numbers

Question 10: A positive ________ that is the square of some other integer, for example 25 which is 52, is known as a square number, or more simply a square.
Rational numberNatural numberField (mathematics)Integer

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