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Squall Leonhart: Quiz


Question 1:
Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII and Characters of Final Fantasy VIII are all:
Final Fantasy VIII Fictional bodyguards Male video game characters Fictional orphans

Question 2:
Squall Leonhart was part of which series?
Exhaust Heat
Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts

Question 3: Squall Leonhart (スコール・レオンハート?) is the main protagonist of ________, a role-playing game by Square (now Square Enix).
Final Fantasy XFinal Fantasy X-2Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy VIII

Question 4:
Squall Leonhart, Samus Aran and Kevin Nash are all:
Fictional orphans Male video game characters Fictional bodyguards Final Fantasy characters

Question 5:
Squall Leonhart, Master Chief (Halo) and Mario are all:
Fictional bodyguards Fictional orphans Male video game characters Fictional mercenaries

Question 6: According to flashbacks in the game, Squall grew up in an ________, along with the other playable characters excepting Rinoa.
AzerbaijanOrphanageBelarusUnited States

Question 7: Squall appears as a non-playable character in ________.
Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts IIKingdom Hearts (video game)Final Fantasy

Question 8: Squall has appeared in several other games, such as the Kingdom Hearts series, where he appears under the name "Leon"; ________; and Itadaki Street Special.
Final Fantasy VChocobo RacingFinal Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy VIII

Question 9:
Squall Leonhart, Deadpool and The A-Team are all:
Final Fantasy characters Fictional mercenaries Kingdom Hearts characters Fictional bodyguards

Question 10:
Squall Leonhart, Batman and Spider-Man are all:
Male video game characters Kingdom Hearts characters Fictional mercenaries Fictional orphans

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