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Question 1: Brazilian Army: In the Brazilian Army, a Squad (Esquadra, in Portuguese) is led by a ________, with 3-10 soldiers.
Private (rank)Sergeant MajorCorporalSergeant

Question 2: A ________ squad is composed of three teams of three.
Military policeProvost (military police)NorwayUnited States armed forces

Question 3: U.S. Army: ________
Lance CorporalPrivate (rank)Staff SergeantCorporal

Question 4: In the US Air Force Security Forces a squad is made up of three fire teams of 4 members each lead by a Senior Airman or ________ and either a Staff Sergeant or Tech Sergeant squad leader.
Private (rank)CorporalLance CorporalStaff Sergeant

Question 5: Canadian Army: ________ or Master Corporal
Private (rank)Sergeant MajorWarrant OfficerSergeant

Question 6: In the United States Marine Corps, a squad is typically composed of three fireteams of four Marines and a squad leader who is typically a Sergeant or ________.
Private (rank)CorporalLance CorporalSergeant Major

Question 7: U.S. Marine Corps: Sergeant or ________
Sergeant MajorCorporalPrivate (rank)Lance Corporal

Question 8: Finnish Army: Alikersantti or Kersantti (________ or Sergeant)
CorporalSergeant MajorLance CorporalPrivate (rank)

Question 9: Norwegian Army: ________ (NOC is corporal and leads the light machine gun fire team of the squad).
Sergeant MajorPrivate (rank)Warrant OfficerSergeant

Question 10: The squad, 班, or section was the basic unit of the ________, and would usually be 14 men strong.
National Revolutionary ArmyChiang Kai-shekChinese Civil WarSecond Sino-Japanese War


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