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Spruce: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the genus authority of Spruce?

Question 2: Spruce can be used as a preventative measure for ________ in an environment where meat is the only prominent food source.
Iron deficiency (medicine)VitaminScurvyObesity

Question 3:
What divisio is Spruce a part of?

Question 4:
What genus does Spruce belong to?

Question 5: Northeast ________, Kamchatka south to Japan.

Question 6:
What kind of animal is a Spruce?

Question 7:
What classis does Spruce belong to?

Question 8: Northeastern ________; important in forestry.
South AmericaAmericas (terminology)North AmericaAmericas

Question 9: Native Americans in New England also used the sap to make a gum which was used for various reasons, and which was the basis of the first commercial production of ________ [5]
Sugar substituteXylitolAspartameChewing gum

Question 10: Spruces are used as food plants by the larvae of some ________ species; see list of Lepidoptera that feed on spruces.


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