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Spring Offensive: Quiz


Question 1: His lack of a coherent strategy to accompany the new tactics was expressed in a remark to one of his Army Group commanders, ________, in which he stated, "We chop a hole.
Prince Leopold of BavariaLudwig III of BavariaPrince Franz of BavariaRupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria

Question 2: The British abandoned the comparatively worthless territory they had captured at vast cost the previous year around ________, freeing several divisions to face the German attackers.

Question 3: Although Ludendorff was able to hold off this attack and successfully evacuate the salient, the initiative had clearly passed to the Allies, who were shortly to begin the ________ which effectively ended the war.
Spring OffensiveMeuse-Argonne OffensiveWestern Front (World War I)Hundred Days Offensive

Question 4: However, ________ machine-gunners and Senegalese sharpshooters halted the German advance at Château-Thierry, with United States Marines also heavily engaged at Belleau Wood.
United States Marine CorpsUnited States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Army Africa

Question 5: The stormtroopers' tactic was to attack and disrupt enemy headquarters, ________ units and supply depots in the rear areas, as well as to occupy territory rapidly.
ArtillerySiegeMilitary historyNaval warfare

Question 6: They also had the advantage of nearly 50 divisions freed by the Russian surrender (________).
Treaty of SèvresTreaty of Brest-LitovskWorld War IEastern Front (World War I)

Question 7: ________, the German commander, failed to follow the correct stormtrooper tactics, as described above.
Erich LudendorffAdolf HitlerWorld War IWilhelm II, German Emperor

Question 8: At ________ on 28 March, he launched a hastily-prepared attack (Operation Mars) against the left wing of the British Third Army, to try and widen the breach in the Allied lines, and was repulsed.
BéthuneArrasCucqRely, Pas-de-Calais

Question 9: Michael had drawn British forces to defend Amiens, leaving the rail route through Hazebrouck and the approaches to the Channel ports of ________, Boulogne and Dunkirk vulnerable.

Question 10: The Allies reacted by appointing the French General ________ to coordinate all Allied activity in France, and subsequently as commander-in-chief of all Allied forces everywhere.
ParisFerdinand FochWorld War IJohn J. Pershing

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