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Question 1: Red Lake massacre (United States, 2005): ________ shot and killed his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend, both police officers.
Red Lake Indian ReservationJeff WeiseBloomington, MinnesotaMinneapolis – Saint Paul

Question 2: Tian Mingjian incident (China, 1994): Tian Mingjian, using a Type 81 rifle killed 23 people near ________ on September 20, including an Iranian diplomat and his son.
Tiananmen SquareMao ZedongBeijingForbidden City

Question 3: Starkweather/Fugate murders (United States, 1958): ________ and his adolescent girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate murdered 11 people over the course of eight days before being apprehended by police.
Lincoln, NebraskaLancaster County, NebraskaNebraskaCharles Starkweather

Question 4: ________ (Ukraine, 2007): An unusual group murder spree.
Dnepropetrovsk maniacsDnipropetrovsk OblastDnipropetrovskNighttime Killers

Question 5: Virginia Tech massacre (United States, 2007): ________, using two pistols, killed 32 in two separate events and then himself in the course of about three hours.
Westfield High School (Fairfax County, Virginia)Condoleezza RiceVirginia Tech massacre timelineSeung-Hui Cho

Question 6: A spree killer is someone who embarks on a ________ assault on his or her victims (two or more) in a short time in multiple locations.

Question 7: [2] ________ are different in that the murders are clearly separate events, happening at different times, while the attacks of mass murderers are defined by one incident, with no distinctive time period between the murders.
Lust murderTorture murderInternet homicideSerial killer

Question 8: ________ (United States, 1979): Anthony Ray Briley, James "J.B." Briley, Jr.
Death rowBriley BrothersCapital punishmentVirginia

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