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Sprachbund: Quiz


Question 1: One clear example is the East Asian Sprachbund, which includes the CJKV area (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) and many languages of ________, particularly Thai.
Southeast AsiaPhilippinesSingaporeMalaysia

Question 2: Likewise, the literary Romance and Germanic languages of Western Europe share many features due to interaction, both with one another and with ________ and Greek.
Old LatinLatin literatureVulgar LatinClassical Latin

Question 3: Yet they have exhibited several signs of grammatical convergence, such as avoidance of the infinitive, ________ formation, and others.
German languageRomance languagesEnglish languageFuture tense

Question 4: in the Sepik River basin of ________
PalauNiueNew CaledoniaNew Guinea

Question 5: Similarly there are also features common to languages situated in Europe that are not found in Indo-European languages spoken in India and Iran, but are found in the ________.
Uralic languagesTurkic languagesAltaic languagesAfroasiatic languages

Question 6: In Europe, the so-called ________ comprises Albanian, Romanian, the South Slavic languages of the southern Balkans (Bulgarian with Macedonian and to a lesser degree Serbian), Greek, and Romani.
Romance languagesBulgarian grammarBalkan sprachbundAromanian language

Question 7: In the paper, Emeneau observed that the subcontinent's Dravidian and ________ shared a number of features that were not inherited from a common source, but were areal features, the result of diffusion during sustained contact.
HindiSanskritIndo-Aryan languagesHindustani language

Question 8: During and after the Nguni migration to Southern Africa, the Nguni came into frequent contact with speakers of the ________, which make abundant use of click sounds.
Juǀʼhoan languageKhoekhoe languageTaa languageKhoisan languages


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