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Spot-billed Pelican: Quiz


Question 1: The Spot-billed Pelican or Grey Pelican (Pelecanus philippensis) is a member of the ________ family.
PelicanCormorantDouble-crested CormorantDarter

Question 2: In June 1906, C E Rhenius visited a colony in Kundakulam in ________ where the villages considered the birds semi-sacred.
Kanyakumari districtCoimbatore districtTirunelveli districtTheni district

Question 3: [2] These are usually built alongside other colonial waterbirds, particularly ________.
KokrebellurMycteriaSpot-billed PelicanPainted Stork

Question 4: [14] Estimates suggest that increased protection has since enabled a recovery in their numbers and the status of the species was changed from Vulnerable to Near Threatened in the 2007 ________.
Conservation statusEndangered speciesIUCN Red ListExtinction

Question 5: It breeds in southern ________ from southern Pakistan across India east to Indonesia.

Question 6: [7] The Kolleru Lake colony was discovered by ________ in 1946.
KeralaMalabarPalakkadK. K. Neelakantan


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