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Sport aerobics: Quiz


Question 1: In 1997, the IWGA (International World Games Association) included Aerobic Gymnastics in its programme of the 5th World Games (Lahti, ________)[3].

Question 2: Some movements in other gymnastic sports (sport acrobatics, ________, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.) are prohibited, such as handsprings, handstands, acrobatic flips, and aerial somersaults.
Shannon MillerDaniela SilivaşArtistic gymnasticsFloor (gymnastics)

Question 3: Leading nations who have provided World Medallists are: ________, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Romania, Russia and Spain[3].
AustraliaBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 4: It combines the elements of aerobics, sports acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics along with music, ________ and choreography.
African-American danceBalletDanceConcert dance

Question 5: Additionally, a maximum of ten elements from following families are allowed: ________, supports and balances, kicks and splits, jumps and leaps.
Bodyweight exerciseStrength trainingPress-upBench press


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