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Spore (2008 video game): Quiz


Question 1: The Spore team is working on a partnership with a comic creation software company to offer ________ versions of players' "Spore stories".
American comic bookComicsGraphic novelComic book

Question 2:
Who designed Spore (2008 video game)?

Question 3: The game is a 2D/3D story-based roleplaying game as the gamer plays a creature kidnapped by a UFO and forced to survive in a strange world, with elements of ________.
F-ZeroMetroidNintendogsMario (series)

Question 4: Unlike many other Maxis games,[12] Spore has a primary win condition which is obtained by reaching a ________ placed at the center of the galaxy and receiving a "Staff of Life".
Sagittarius A*Stellar black holePrimordial black holeSupermassive black hole

Question 5: [87] There are also plans for the creation of a type of Spore ________ based on the Sporepedia cards of the creatures, buildings, vehicles, and planets that have been created by the players.
Collectible card gameRichard GarfieldTrading cardMagic: The Gathering

Question 6:
Which of the following platforms does Spore (2008 video game) run on?

Question 7: Escapist Magazine reviewer ________ was also critical of the game, claiming it did not live up to the legacy of The Sims:
Zero PunctuationPlatform gameChzo MythosBen Croshaw

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did Spore (2008 video game) have?
Down In the Mission
Lord of Pesaro

Question 9:
Which of the following genres does Spore (2008 video game) produce?
God game, Life simulation,
Life Simulation
Drama, Slice-of-life

Question 10: Also, later in the game there is a wormhole key which enables the player to travel through ________, offering instantaneous transportation to a sister black hole.
Black holeSchwarzschild metricKerr metricKerr–Newman metric

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